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Safe11 offers FIFPro injury-insurance for professional football players in Germany and Austria.

Your reliable partner
in the event of injury!

Sickness pay insurance

Safe11 sickness pay insurance
Don't let a temporary disability have permanent effects.

If an injury or illness forces you off the pitch for a time, you should be able to count on sickness pay insurance from Safe11. In particular, the rules surrounding continued payment of salary in Germany and Austria mean that you absolutely should insure against lost revenue.

Safe11 sickness pay insurance
Scoring with every point!

  • You decide on the insured sum - anything is possible!
  • Digital processing and online contract documentation.
  • Great group terms!
  • Contract period of the insurance analogous to the contract period with your club - without termination rights for your insurer.
  • Immediate coverage upon submission via Safe11 app or homepage.
  • Adjustment of the insured sum at any time via Safe11 app or homepage.
  • No deductible charged for a new injury within 60 days.
  • Degeneration insured.
  • Duration of benefits usually 52 weeks (78 weeks possible)
  • Terrorism coverage included

Contact: Request information on sickness pay insurance
Contact: Request information on sickness pay insurance